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Dixon Financial Organization

Credit Repair Master Class

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Dixon Financial Organization will help you make money work for you, instead of having to work for money. With the lessons you’ll learn inside, you never have to worry about bad credit. I am going to teach you how to fix your credit plus others, how to leverage OPM, how to structure your credit repair business bringing in 10k monthly, and more.

Customer Reviews

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Cedreece Clark
You don’t have to worry this time

After paying many people for credit repair, courses, and so on, I was initially hesitant, but eventually, I found myself signing up for this class. I'm super glad I did. I was able to raise my own score, and now I'm working on helping others. I love that I hear directly from her, not a team, although sometimes I don't hear back from her right away, she always responds. But this was well worth my time and money. Truly no regrets!

Best Decision Ever

This is the best decision ever !! Investing in her credit repair got me to the 700s !!! I was so happy I invested in her mentorship program and I’m currently seeing results following her method and everything she teaches in her course . I feel like the connection was divine because she has helped change my life 🥹❤️🙏🏽🙌🏽

Jovika Sanders

Jazz is so amazing to me, she really motivated to gone head and launch my credit repair business. I took her class back in December she was very helpful the class gives a lot of information. Jazz knows exactly what she’s talking about and what she’s doing. I definitely recommend if you want to start a business to take her class. Even after the class you have a life time mentor. She update you letters, different methods etc. it’s worth the price and thanks to her I tripled my money back already. You have a group that’s 24 you can ask questions in and if you need help jazz responds in a timely manner. I’m thankful to have her as my mentor and I pray I can get to where she’s at one day such a phenomenal woman. So yes stop wondering if you should invest in it yes. Whether you want to have your own or let her do it.! She helped me removed a bankruptcy from my credit report. I wasted so much money on different companies asking them to help repair my credit. I took another leap of faith and jazz was it.! I’ll always appreciate her 💕

Great information

I’ve been wanting to do consulting for a while now and the credit repair master class was a great start to help getting the ball rolling on my business . I learned lots of new information about personal and business credit which has allowed me to assist my clients in many different ways. I would recommend this class for someone wanting to learn more about personal/business credit and starting a business .

Hands on guidance

Jaz is top-notch. I've actually been searching for someone to guide me through the credit repair process and provide tried-and-true techniques. The mentorship was entirely worthwhile and provided a lot more information than I anticipated. Her compassion and understanding inspired me to launch my own credit restoration business using the DIXON Financial Methods! 100/10 For anyone seeking real-world, hands-on mentoring, I wholeheartedly suggest this. Great work!