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Dixon Financial

Build your Business Credit

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Let us build your business credit for you within 90 days.

Once we are done building your business credit guaranteed 30k or more in business funding 

Before we get started, I want to make sure you understand that $500 is a one time fee for my labor.

It does not include all the materials you will need.


This Package Includes:

•$1500 one time fee

•Registering your LLC

•Your business structure requirements, i.e. Business number etc.

•Building your business credit properly

•Quarterly reports

•Scheduled consultation call


In order to build your business credit, we need to get your business structure solidified.

After that is completed,  you will start building. The way you build is to purchase proper accounts, and have a proper structure, in which, I will do for you.


Monthly, you will be spending roughly $300 to build your credit.

That $300 a month will go into your business

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